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Chamber Volunteer Day 2017 - MuVE Coastal Habitat Restoration

Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science

Museum Volunteers for the Environment (MuVE) is a volunteer-based habitat restoration project that uses social media, eco-art, and science exhibits to engage local residents in restoring coastal environments that once thrived in Miami. 
Since 2007, over 7500 volunteers have restored more than 25 acres of mangroves, freshwater wetlands, dune habitat and coastal forest. These environments provide shelter for native organisms above and below the water line, stabilize our shores, protect our city from storms and sea level rise, and serve as a nursery for a food chain of marine life, including fish crucial to the commercial and sport fishing industries.

On April 29th, volunteers will be replanting mangrove propagules around the perimeter of Frost Science's Batchelor Environmental Center. Located at FIU Biscayne Bay campus, the site is located along the banks of the Oleta River, the last free flowing river in Dade County. By planting new mangrove habitats, we will be making the coastline more resilient to sea level rise, provide shelter for native fauna and enhancing the beauty of the area. Mangrove planting is very easy. It involves the planting of cigar shaped propagules in the ground and is suitable for anyone.


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