Do It Yourself ("DIY") Volunteering provides a meaningful way to engage volunteers in a non-traditional way.

Every month, HandsOn Miami will offer a different DIY project. For these projects, you'll provide the supplies (all are designed to be low-to-no-cost) and we'll give you the instructions for completing it, along with information on the benefiting agency.


Current Projects:


Newborn Baskets: The Tree of Life Center's mission is to empower women & teens with the tools necessary to thrive, overcome, and be successful in every stage of their lives. Tree of Life Center offers services free of charge and ensures that quality information and direct services are provided.

The newborn baskets donated to Tree of Life will directly fill the needs of the families Tree of Life serves each month.




Learn About Feelings Kits: Learning about our feelings and how to express them well is the first step towards teaching toddlers about mental health. Teaching children about their emotions will help them become mentally strong. Kids who understand their emotions and have the coping skills to deal with them will be confident that they can handle whatever life throws their way. To help begin teaching children about mental health early on, we will provide the toddlers ages 2-5 of Le Jardin community center with a Feelings Kit to help them learn and manage their emotions effectively and continue the discussion about feelings at home with their families.




Emergency Readiness Kits: Emergency Preparedness is important to all community members, as no one is too young nor too old to take steps to protect their life and property during an emergency. However, for many low-income families, it can be difficult to prioritize purchases that are meant to remain in place and unused when resources may be limited or strained. The goal of this DIY is to provide a family with an emergency “go bag” they can easily grab when evacuating in a hurry. Volunteers will have until the beginning of hurricane season (June 1st) to turn in this DIY project.